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Bring you happy life! 展望美好生活!


Our Vision is to be the preferred supplier and agency for FDW & FW, in the domestic, service and manufacturing industry.


Our Mission is to improve our FDW & FW competence, in their skill, knowledge and attitude, and supply our employers with qualified personnel.


Our passion, knowledge and innovation shall add Values to our employers.


Our Goal is to drive business excellence with integrity and social responsibility.


Like eagles, we shall soar with EagleWings to oversee our helpers and workers performance, help employers to counsel and mediate


Helpers are ubiquitous but competence helpers are scarce. 


At Eaglewings, we conduct stringent interviews to assess our helper’s and worker’s personality, skills and social background.  We focus on quality not quantity to avoid replacement.  We track their performance and deliverables upon their deployment to our employer.  We recall them for skills training, counselling and moral building. 


We selectively recruit helpers and workers with clean hand records, loving heart, positive attitude, communicable and amicable.  We advocate them to work hard, work fast, love their job, save money and finish contract. 


We have transfer, fresh, Ex-Sin and Ex-abroad helpers.  We are strong in supplying Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippine helpers and we have India (Mizoram / Punjab / Manipur / Darjeeling), Sri Lanka and Cambodia helpers too.  Our helpers are specialised in newborn babysitting, infant care, take care children, caregiving to elderly/immobility, look after dogs/cats, housekeeping including cooking and general cleaning.


We also recruit foreign workers from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Taiwan.  We supply foreign workers to F&B and labour intensive industry.


At Eaglewings, employer shortlisted us for 3 main criteria; reasonable agency package, reliable helpers and effective aftersales supports.  Our business has thus grown through recommendations by words of mouth.  Herewith, we thank all employers for your recommendation, giving us an opportunity to serve you, your families and your business needs.  May the Lord bless you with divine abundance and prosper your works your hands touch. 


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Abraham Elvin Tan


Isaiah 40:31-1 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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